3Generate is on the Horizon

Posted : November 21st, 2016

Happy Monday one and all! 3Generate is fast approaching. After months of discernment, discussion and prayer, not to mention the sheer amount of man hours, it all comes together this weekend. You may be a young person attending the event, or a parent sending their child, or a church sending a group to this weekend. Or maybe you don’t have anyone you know attending the event. Regardless, I’m sure that you would all keep 3Generate in your thoughts and prayers this week. To help with this, here is a plan for daily prayer this week, to help guide your thoughts and prayers for the event.



In the lead up to 3Generate this weekend, we particularly remember the 8-11’s stream in our thoughts and prayers today.

We pray for the streams sessions and activities. The Speak Out session Saturday morning, which includes groups looking at Big Questions (looking at the big tricky questions), An uneven playing field (Living in a world of inequality) and being Uniquely Different (celebrating and valuing our differences and similarities) and more. The Engage session Saturday afternoon will look at themes around Living in Conflict (getting along when we don’t always agree), Valuing who I am (Looking after myself) Read the full article on the Methodist Website

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