I was glad when they said unto me

Posted : September 11th, 2017

The New Guard

As I said during my service of induction and welcome, my grandmother always taught me that patience is a virtue. I’ve had to wait since November of 2016 to say this.

My name is Michael Christopher Pryke, and I am the Youth President.

It has been an amazing, crazy and absolutely mad couple of weeks, but I’ve loved every single minute of it. And I suppose I want this year to be one in which I’m challenged, I want to be excited and I want to be invigorated. I’m already becoming rather knowledgeable about the British rail system having spent just shy of 7 hours on various trains a few days ago, but when you can listen to some good music, do some work and immerse yourself in a good book time rather does fly by.

I come into this role rather as a rookie when it comes to working on a Connexional level, I’ve done work in my local church, on a circuit level and also on a district level but nothing on a Connexional level so admittedly these first few weeks I’ve felt a little out of my depth but the support network that’s been provided has Read the full article on the Methodist Website

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