“It’s a drill. No … wait … the building may actually be on fire!”

Posted : October 31st, 2017

Well as the saying goes: ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’ One month in and what a month!

It all started back in my dear home town of Stamford on September 3, a day that will forever be etched into my mind, when I was officially welcomed into my role as Youth President.

It was a great service and was really nice to see so many friends and family there (a video of my speech will be made available soon).

Then down to London for the launch of the ONE Interns programme, a really great event and my thoughts and prayers go out to them as they embark on what promises to be a wonderful year for them,


So in my time in working in Methodist Church House (MCH) I’ve been aware of two fire alarms. The first took place when myself and Andy Jackson, the Director of Publishing and Communications, were out getting coffee and talking about running this blog and various other aspects of social media.

When we returned we were informed that there had been an alarm, which was a drill.

The second time it happened I’d come in early one morning to have a phone call with Read the full article on the Methodist Website

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