Time for change- World Mental Health Day

Posted : October 10th, 2013

It is thought that 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. From this, mixed anxiety and depression are the most common mental disorder and this is only in the UK alone. Globally, according to the World Health Organisation in 2001, it is estimated that approximately 450 million people have a mental health problem with nearly one million people committing suicide every year. This is a figure that has been expected to grow, as this figure was released 12 years ago. These are figures that just simply cannot be ignored.

Unfortunately, there are many parts of the world who believe that mental health and mental disorders are not accorded anywhere the same importance as physical health, leading to people who suffer from this, feeling ignored or neglected. Mental health has been concealed behind a curtain of stigma and inequity for far too long. It is time to bring it out into the open emphasize that having a mental illness is not a sign of weakness. Mental health is a global issue and no group is immune from a mental disorder.

To make a difference this needs to be a global Read the full article on the Methodist Website

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