Why does work matter?

Posted : May 1st, 2014

This is a blog that I wrote recently and I thought that I would share it with you all.

Why does work matter? To tackle this I am going to view it from different perspectives:

Why does work matter?

Dear Generation Y,

Generation Y is a term that you have became more and more accustomed to. It’s the generation that have been raised within a time period where the access to technology has practically been within your fingertips. Computers, mobile phones, the internet was all accessible and part of your youth. This has meant that employers have had to adapt to this transition, revise their hiring strategy, their infrastructure and ethos in order to be appealable to your generation. Companies face the pressure to become more technologically advanced and have been comforted by the popularity of social media. With the accessibility of the internet, an average number of 500 million tweets per day and the latest gossip being constantly loaded onto Facebook, employers have to ensure that they are being relevant and visible in this virtual world.

Social media can be used as a very important tool for advertising jobs but it Read the full article on external website

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