Youth President Trip to the USA 2017

Posted : September 18th, 2017

Each year the Youth President is given the opportunity by The Methodist Church to go to a country and to see the work that the Methodist church is doing out there. Now, there’s an awful lot in the news at the moment about the US, but I’m a great believer in going and seeing myself rather than hearing an account, as such on the 31st of July myself and Doug Swanney (Connexional Secretary) were privileged enough to go to the US and too see some of the work that the church is doing out there.

We first went out to Atlanta, and we found out immediately that it’s one of the busiest airports in the world as I had to line up for the best part of an hour to get through customs. Having got a good nights kip we awoke the next morning to find a waffle maker at breakfast which immediately improved my day. We headed off to the new Global Ministries building and were given a tour, it’s a really great space they have out there. I then went to Emory University to meet with a group of young people called the Global Mission Fellow’s. These young Read the full article on the Methodist Website

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